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April 9, 2009

The Perfect Kiss…He’s Back

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The man from “Perfect Kiss” blog is back. I don’t have the “oh no” fear. (See my Perfect Kiss blog) Because I’ve fallen in love with myself, I can enjoy what he gives me without expectation.
In the past the chemistry between us overwhelmed me. It was a drug I wanted so much. I didn’t like the loss of control: not knowing when I could see him again. So I would gain control by controlling him or the date. I would call him hoping he would ask me out. When we were together I would do outrageous things to get more of his attention. LOL. We’ve all done things like this, haven’t we Goddesses? And you know what the cutest thing about all this is? All this chasing is the opposite of what nature intended for us.
Men revel in the chase and the accomplishment it provides them. By not letting him chase us, we are denying men what they love. Surrendering our need to control and to chase is like giving him a dozen roses. We may have to wait a bit longer to “get what we want,” but the reward is much sweeter!
In the past it was easier for a man to be a woman’s hero. They would fight barbarians or go hunting and bring back an enormous beast to feed the village. They would return and be welcomed by loving women who would revel in their bravery and accomplishment. Even though men don’t have to fight barbarians anymore and we have grocery stores, men still want to be our hero. They want to be a rock star like Jon Bon Jovi. Or a sports star like Tom Brady. I asked my brother what famous person he would love to be for a day and he didn’t hesitate. He said Hugh Hefner.
The world is full of every day heroes who want to be the Jon Bon Jovi of a woman’s life. Men do everything for the love a good woman. He wants to provide for her, have sex with her and make her smile. It’s beautiful isn’t it? A man’s natural desire to make us feel happy, loved and safe.
Today women are successful and have used the same tactics men have do to get ahead. We choose our careers and do whatever it takes to become successful. It has naturally spilled over into our personal lives. How could it not? We now want to choose our man and create a successful relationship. However, nature made the Man “provider” and woman “nurturer.” So now it’s hard for us to “surrender” to what “nature” created for us.
Surrender to whatever a man wants to give you. This includes the men you are not attracted to. Remember my flirting blog? Flirt with men you aren’t attracted to too? It takes practice. But the rewards are worth it. I now surrender controlling dates and what he wants to give me by taking a step back and watching his actions. Notice what he does, enjoy it and thank him. Prove he is my hero. If he’s not for me, he shows it.
The last time I allowed “perfect kiss” to control the evening, it was amazing. He read my thoughts and provided. He served me wonderful food and wine and fed me chocolate. He kissed me softly and passionately. He was loving, thoughtful and so responsive to me. I sat back and enjoyed and appreciated him.

What will happen this time when I meet “Perfect Kiss?” After the perfect encounter I tried to control again. LOL. But it was SO perfect ladies. It just showed me I needed a little more self love. Yay me! So this time whatever he wants to give me is absolutely perfect. I will enjoy him and thank him. Love, Goddess


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