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May 1, 2009

Multiple Men Adoring You…Ready?

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How many of you out there would love multiple men adoring you? It’s lots of fun and a lot of work in order to prepare for these experiences. It involves a lot of understanding, playfulness, patience and being in your ultra pleasured womanly state. Last night I enjoyed the attention of 3 men and we will discuss details. But first: I was able to accomplish enjoying the attention of all these men because: I knew it was a big night (Seeing Perfect Kiss) and planned for it:

1. I took the time to make sure I felt amazing before I left. I worked out hard that day, polished my toes, got my hair blown out and savored getting ready. I chose everything that made me feel beautiful. Gorgeous purple dress with neckline that plunged just so, make up and hair that lit me up. I wore my favorite heels. I applied perfumed body shimmer. I felt beautiful, sassy and serene.
2. When that slight charge of nerves visited, I remembered the reason I felt that little jolt of fear was because I cared. Remember…fear is a clear indicator you’re heading in the right direction. (Fear blog)

Around 5 pm I begin getting texts from Kiss. He’s still at work, needs to set back the time, wants to reaffirm where we meeting etc. It all becomes a bit jumbled and I hate texting so I call him to get the details straight. He seems stressed and exhausted, but I don’t take this personally. It has nothing to do with me. When he says “I have to warn you I only got 4 hours of sleep last night and I’m not all here,” I said calmly…”Would you like to reschedule?” Because really, ladies. Do you want to spend time with a man who is completely exhausted? It would be better for us both to reschedule. He says “No…I don’t want to put off seeing you.” “Okay, then,” I say. I made it his choice to continue with our evening.

On the way to our meeting point I start getting phone calls from “E.” We are meeting at the beach this weekend. He really wants my attention, which is so cute. But I’m driving in an unfamiliar town, there are pedestrians everywhere and my GPS is barking orders at me. Not pleasurable. I finally manage to interrupt him and say warmly my situation and that I will call him right back.

I park at my meeting destination with Kiss. The phone rings. It’s Kiss giving me an ETA. I thank him. I call “E” back. He so wants to talk to me. He is going on and on about things to impress me. I laugh at this to myself because it’s flattering. I tell him in a warm playful manner that I’m meeting a friend, I really appreciate his thoughtfulness regarding our upcoming date, look forward to seeing him, but I really must go.

I go into the pub, and look about. Where do I sit and wait? Right ahead of me the bar has a very attractive man sitting at it. The space next to him is unoccupied. Perfect! I find a gorgeous intelligent man to chat with while I wait for Kiss. We’ll call him “R.”

Kiss arrives and sees me in deep, fun conversation with “R.” Introductions. Then on to Kiss. Fun, intelligent playful and sensual conversation. I really enjoy him. Knowing him so well I know that he is nervous and trying to be ultra cool (Excellent sign when they play it so cool ladies. It means they do not want to screw up!) Desire: For Kiss to take me to a baseball game. I told Kiss my desire to go to a baseball game. Will he produce? We’ll see.

At the end of the night Kiss leaves to go to the restroom. I start talking to R again. Lovely conversation. Very Yummy man. Kiss comes back. I’m talking to R, don’t want to interrupt him, and Kiss is uncomfortably waiting next to me. I listen to “R,” glance at Kiss and put my hand on his arm as a gesture that says: I’m on my way back to you, hold on.

I go back to Kiss and we chat. He was uncomfortable with the other attention. Poor Baby. R gets up to leave, we say goodbyes and more chat with Kiss.

It’s time to leave. Kiss pays the tab. I thank him and smile.

We get up to leave and he walks me to my car. I say “You’re such a gentleman for walking me to my car,” and smile.

The critical point…will we or won’t we kiss? Truly and honestly—I don’t want to yet. I would enjoy it if we did, but I want to take things slowly, savor the chemistry and play play play. So we didn’t kiss. Yet.

This morning I emailed Kiss and thanked him for treating me like a Goddess.

So let’s review:
1. Whenever there is a big night, take extra care of yourselves ladies. This is on top of loving yourself daily. ( I know this feeling good is such work…lol)
2. Practice by taking my 7 day Love Affair With You and notice the results.
3. Appreciate the men around you. Thank them, enjoy them, communicate what you want in a warm and playful manner.
4. If you start to feel a bit “overwhelmed” with all the attention, laugh at it, and refocus by doing a quick Beauty Ritual (See my blog on this) Beauty rituals can really help you refocus on you. Or just take a deep breath so you can catch up!

I would love to know what you think about all this. If you would like to discuss more in depth, email me here or at goddesspower978@hotmail.com. Love, Goddess

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  1. Dear Amazing,

    I’m honored you find my blog interesting. I want to acknowledge your brilliance in this:

    1. “I’ve decided crying and feaking out is ok as long as you don’t do it in front of him.” The reason this is brilliant: you know this behavior gets you nowhere, right? I like to call this behavior my “Drama Queen.” Crying and freaking out is Drama Queen screaming truth at you. The way you take control of her is to acknowledge and love her and you’ll find help for this here:
    2. Read my blog “Goddess Rule #1.” It’s all about Drama Queen.
    3. Try my “Personal Love Affair” 6 days of ideas on how to love yourself.
    4. Sample my other male blogs.

    If you have questions, please let me know.

    Love, Goddess

    Comment by goddesspower978 — May 2, 2009 @ 6:42 pm

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