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May 20, 2009

Fun…Time For A New Ritual?

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I’m the director of an improvisational comedy group called Rebels Without Applauze. Before every show we do what we call “warm ups.” The warm ups are designed to get rid of the stresses of the day. Warm-ups get us into the mood to really play with each other on stage. Trust me: improvisational comedy is tough. You never know what input the audience is going to give you. We’ve gotten everything from scientific terms we’ve never heard of to German Porn. LOL. You have to honor yourself and the audience by being in a frame of mind to play your cute butt off.

I was thinking about this. Fun and play. It really gets you in a very creative “I can handle anything mode.” So why don’t we have “fun” rituals in our lives? We have them for our bodies, work, how we apply make-up, put our kids to bed. Why not for fun? Especially when it puts you in such a great state of mind? It’s hard for us to make time for fun because we have so many responsibilities. Hmmmm…so will the responsibilities we have run smoother if we add a little fun and play into the daily mix? I know it helps our improv group and its responsibilities for our shows.

Think of how you feel after you’ve tickled someone. Really tickled and had a fun frolic with your kids, nieces/nephews or your lover. You’re all dewy, glowy and so HAPPY! Tickling and laughing make you feel good. The “happy” spreads to those around you. It begins to pour out of you and everyone around you like a burning erupting volcano. (Wow…that coffee really got my metaphor on today!)

The easiest way to start this fun party is with yourself. You always have time to brush your teeth, right? So why not a little nibble of fun? Here are some ideas to add a little fun to our day. Let’s develop our “fun” muscle!


1. We have already discussed one of my favorites: Tickling Match

2. Rediscover something you have always loved to do and make time for it. It could be as simple as taking a few minutes to enjoy the ocean or as involved as a lengthy craft project to savor.

3. Anything that involves chocolate is always fun for me.

4. Dancing away! Find an appropriate song to celebrate your fears, sensuality, joy, etc.

5. Go find a pet store and enjoy the puppies or kitties. Bring one home to savor all the time.

6. Make a collage of all your favorite things to do. It’ll be your “Fun Dictionary.”

7. Have a party with your girlfriends. Dance, feed each other, decorate yourselves and savor each moment.

8. Put bright red lipstick on and kiss your bathroom mirror. Leave it for you ( and whomever else ) to enjoy.

9. Meditate with candles, incense and sensual music. If you’re like me…don’t beat yourself up when you can only handle a few moments. Just enjoy the ambiance.


I would love to hear about your “fun ritual” and share it here with this amazing community of women. Yay fun!!!! Love, Goddess

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  1. nice post dear.keep it up . i like you post vey much good work dear …i wish you get more visiter on your blog

    Comment by ashvin — May 20, 2009 @ 3:56 pm

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