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June 3, 2009

Fun Boot Camp: Part Deux

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This is for you.  Those beauties who don’t have time and are too tired to have fun.  For those of you who think I’m crazy for starting a fun boot camp.   I’m presenting for you a fun way to acknowledge your fun funk and play with it.  It’s because I love you.  It’s a little experiment in fun denial.  So let’s get your butts off the couch and work it!

Warm Ups:

Roll your eyes from side to side at the thought of having a little fun.  Do this 4 times slowly.
Sigh dramatically after finishing the eye rolls.  Raise and lower your shoulders while sighing.  Do this 5 times.
Play your favorite CD or turn the radio to your favorite music station.
Stand back from the radio/song and lament about not wanting to have fun and why.

Now for the main fun work out:

Start to move your body…however you feel like dancing.  If you still don’t feel like having fun compliment yourself for getting this far.  If you’re having fun…keep dancing to the song and then get back to chores/work.

Cool down:  Congratulate yourself for taking a moment for you.

As always, I would love to know how it goes and what you discovered!

Love, Goddess

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April 3, 2009

Goddess Rule #1

#1: Love thyself: Every glorious, delicious naughty ounce of you.
Even the parts you don’t like so much.

Today we fall in love with ourselves. The parts we love and hate. It’s so easy to love our favorite things about us. Maybe it’s our successful careers, love of crafts, cooking or inner financial wiz. Maybe we can make anyone laugh.
The harder to love are the parts of us we don’t like so much. Remember my impatience blog from a while back? LOL. But to truly fall in love with ourselves we must fall in love with parts we don’t like so much. I know what your thinking. I DO NOT want to celebrate this part of me, Goddess. I hate my (insert here) and you can’t make me love it. I think it’s cute. And I smile at that. And I’ll make a wager with you. (we can discuss terms) I bet that if you just play a little bit with the thought of loving the not so fun parts…you’ll surprise yourself.
This is the least favorite part of myself: The part of me that erupts in anger, frustration, tears and impatience over sometimes, next to nothing. I’ve celebrated that part of me by giving her a title: “Drama Queen.”
Are you familiar with her? Have you ever had those moments where you really just would love to lose it? We all do. But it isn’t proper in our society for us to lose it. We can’t lose it in the boardroom or really anywhere. So where exactly can we acknowledge this part of ourselves?

1. You can celebrate your Drama Queen here…I’m here for you.
2. She can make an appearance with your friends at the “Worry Party” from yesterday.
3. You can call friends.

How do you deal with Drama Queen when she erupts at an inopportune time? Here’s what I like to do:

1. Whenever I see anything with “Drama Queen” on it I scoop it up.
2. When I’m pissy, I have cute stickers I adorn myself with that say “Drama Queen.”
3. I have a basket of goodies by my desk: perfume, stickers, lotion, chocolate, lip gloss
4. I have cards that friends have sent me.
5. I have music I can play….”I hate myself for Loving you,” Joan Jett. LOL

Assignments for today:

1. List all the things you love about yourself.
2. List all the things you don’t love about yourself.
3. Celebrate what you love and don’t love.

Pick something from your “Love List.” You love your beautiful hair? Admire yourself in the mirror and pamper your hair. Brush or comb it. Admire how it shines and smells. Spray glitter in it. Enjoy it.
Pick something from your “Don’t Love List.” Hate your thighs and butt? Perfect. Admire both in the mirror. Apply your favorite lotion, paint a heart on your butt or apply a sparkly sticker. Extra points if you get your husband or boyfriend to help you!!!
Sending love for every beautiful ounce of you! Love, Goddess

February 5, 2009

Have you found the love of your life yet? I have. It’s ME!

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     It took time and a lot of love and focus on #1.  The rewards are sweet.  I communicate what I want clearly and deliciously.  I communicate what I don’t want clearly and firmly.  I take very little shit from people.  I call people out on their “bs” when they dish it out:  clearly and unemotionally.  My relationships are closer because I’m attracting good people into my life.  The riff raff has fallen away.   My focus on pleasure, fun, play and love has paved the pathway for joy. I’ve left behind the old beaten up path that was getting me nowhere.  

     Remember my “oh no’ moment from yesterday in The Perfect Kiss?  That “oh no” was fear.  Fear of falling in love:  the highs, lows, the agony and ecstasy.  And I let my fear ruin it.  I embrace fear now.  I learned so much from falling flatly on my beautiful, love starved face:

      I wasn’t in love with myself so I wasn’t ready to fall in love with anyone else.  Think about this phrase, “falling in love.” “Falling” sounds terrifying.  We have injected “fear” into one of the greatest pleasures on earth:  love.  No wonder love seems like such a fleeting, scary thing.  Surrounded by doubt.  Even when you find it:  I’m getting married, but I want my wife to sign a pre-nup just in case something happens.  “just in case something happens” has become normal today in relationships. 

     Embrace Fear.   Listen to it.  Fear tells you exactly what the next step is.  For me, in “The Perfect Kiss” it would’ve been to slow down…the opposite of what I did.  I sped everything up thinking that that was going to lead to more of those beautiful beach moments.  I didn’t relax, enjoy and just receive what this man was willing to give me. Now I stay relaxed and appreciate every ounce of what a man gives me.  I stay focused on what I want.  No rush.  If a guy doesn’t respond to what I want I have others lined up. (See my earlier blog of flirting with everything that moves)  If this sounds selfish, damned right it is.  My heart is beautiful, sacred and a treasure.  It deserves a special man willing to give me what I desire. I’ll communicate my appreciation and share my admiration and passion with this special man.

     It’s hard to fall in love with yourself.   How do we start?  Here ladies:  in this blog.  Be exactly who we are.  No judgement.  Let out a big whoop and celebrate every one of us.  Let’s create heaven and ask the world to join the party.

     The second step?  Pay attention to ourselves every day.  Women love attention.  Let’s pay attention to ourselves and pleasure on our own terms. Then we can communicate these things to a man.  Check out my past blogs. They’re full of tips and ideas.  Let’s fall in love, beauties!

Love, Goddess

January 15, 2009

Impatience…a virtue?

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Self-love tip of the Day:  When you are feeling something…really feel it!  You have no idea the incredible resource your emotions are.


Internationally known for her empowering approach to women’s health and wellness Dr. Christiane Northrup says:  “You have to feel it to heal it.”


I wanted to exercise last week and my music machine wasn’t working for me.  I got more and more impatient.  I wound up yelling at the machine and breaking my Madonna’s Greatest Hits CD.  Now that was productive, wasn’t it?  LOL.  Actually…it was.  I learned a lot when I stopped and listened to what my body and my impatience were telling me.  I realized how destructive and pointless my impatience was.  But you know what?  I may not have seen that so clearly if I hadn’t allowed myself to get so upset.


Women have been taught by society to be “unemotional” to get ahead.  Good practical advice.  You don’t want to be breaking things at board meetings!  But there’s truth and learning in all our emotions: even the unpleasant ones.  Our bodies are screaming for us to deal with it.  Can you imagine what a lifetime of tamping down negative emotions can do to a person?  If we don’t listen to those emotions, we can’t learn what’s bothering us and then we can’t solve the problem.  The problem keeps getting buried deeper and deeper in our bodies.  Then, since we don’t learn anything, the problem grows.  Slowly, over time, you start dealing with negative emotions in a not so productive way.


What did I learn from breaking that CD?  When I stopped to listen to my impatience, I realized how patient I was with everyone I cared about.  I’m loving, understanding and always encourage them so they can succeed.  The perfect cheerleader.  Why couldn’t I be my own cheerleader?  The impatience told me I needed to be more patient with myself.


Now when things aren’t going right I slow down and breathe.  I give myself a hug by doing something that makes me feel good.  It may be a nice hot shower, putting on some lip-gloss, dancing to a fun song.  Then I’m off to the races again.  Happy, focused and motivated in my tasks for the day.


This took practice, ladies.  Just like savoring and celebrating yourself.  Embracing the negative in you and seeing the message within takes practice.  Investment in yourself— investment in your inner Goddess.  So practice giving yourself a break.  The next time you are pissed off, sad, impatient, exhausted beyond words, do something pleasurable for yourself.  Relax and realize your body is telling you something.


I’m going to frame that Madonna CD.  Why?  To celebrate my impatience. My impatience  has taught me so much.  Thank you impatience!

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