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June 5, 2009

Our Love Affair Day Five. Dating: Rules Schmules

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Note:  This is an update from an earlier post.  Enjoy!

I see date rule books all the time: How to be “dateable” to a man. What to do to “land a man.” How to “please a man.” They’re all about HIM. How to get HIM to like you.  Please…give me a huge break.

I took a wonderful seminar on male/female communication. It featured a panel of men. Women were free to ask them any questions they had about them being “male.” I’ll never forget one question and answer.  One woman asked the men “How do I know if you like me?” One of the men answered, “Trust me when I say, we like you!” So in honor of the wonderful honesty from this beautiful man, let’s get to today’s assignment. It answers this important question:

What does HE have to do to have the privilege of dating hot little you?

Assignment: Create your own Dating Rules. No one knows what you like and don’t like better than you. What will make you feel loved, respected, admired and cherished? Write in your “Love Affair Journal” everything that comes to mind. If you would like to share these with me, I would love to see them. 

Remember my hot dating desire from past blogs?  I want a slow seduction.  I want to have long soft kissing sessions, without them culminating into sex.  I don’t want to be rushed and I’m savoring the romance that is to come! I’m playing with this dating desire—calling myself “Simmering Seductress.”  I have been stating this desire to the men I’ve been dating.  Open honest communication.  When they say they want “sex” as an answer back, it’s perfect.  I wish them luck.  Absolutely no animosity.  I communicate to my desire to the next man.  And you know what?  The men who just want “sex” keep coming back, LOL.  When we get together for a date, they are totally respectful, treat me like a Goddess and don’t push me into sex.   It’s perfect because I know that I’m the one in control.  And all I did was tell them what I want.

So let’s hear it…what is your dream romance?  You deserve nothing less.  Women are attractors, magnets.  Let’s enjoy that fact…and go from “passive” in dating, to “kick-ass” in dating! 

Love, Goddess

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April 6, 2009

A Fun Goddess Quiz

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You know those silly quizzes you see everywhere analyzing your relationship with your boyfriend/husband? I have a new quiz. One fun and less prone to put us women in a “state of doubt” or “worry” about our relationships with our men. I’m going to share a fun “Quiz for your Best Goddess Friends.” I sent this one to my best friend a few moments ago. It includes some basic women’s thrills as well as the personal ones from our lives:

A little quiz for you by me: (check your favorite answer)

Dear Luscious Mary Ann:

1. Our Goddess friendship is:
a. More beautiful Manolo Blahnik shoes
b. Better than sex
c. Better than our favorite foodie destination: Chili’s (This is a funny personal story!)
d. So yummy, fun, playful and adventure filled
e. All of the above

2. Whenever I think of you I feel:
a. Hot
b. Hungover
c. So lucky to be your friend
d. Like having a “Drama Queen” moment
e. Depending on the activity: boot camp, massage, skinny dipping…exhausted

3. Let’s get together soon and:
a. Drink the most exotic sounding cocktail we can conjure up
b. You shop…I watch
c. Continue our nail polish obsession by adding to our collection
d. Buy tons of cocktail napkins with funny sayings on them
e. Ride around in a hot convertable and ooze Goddessness
f. Find a hot man to feed us something delicious

I miss you…your Goddess friend


My little gift from me to your friends. So if you like, copy, paste and edit in your favorite moments. Love, Goddess

February 23, 2009

How to Tame a Man’s Wild Child…by being YOU!

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How are you lovely ladies? I had an absolutely exhausting and fun weekend. Friday night I had wine with my brother and his hot male friend at an Italian restaurant. Saturday I had a party in Boston with 8 beautiful women. We ate delicious homemade Indian food and celebrated a birthday. Sunday I celebrated my nieces’ birthdays. We made puzzles, read stories, played hide and seek and ate cake. Between the festivities I was enjoying the men who were interested in dating me.

Men and women screw up. We’re human. Men appreciate a woman who forgives him when he screws up. However, if a woman is too forgiving the wild child in him will take advantage of her kindness. The Goddess politely points out the problem, states what she wants and then lets him take action. No nagging. She’s too busy having fun to fret about him. She sits back and lets him produce.

Today I’m going to share my progress in communicating with men what I want in a date. What I want from a man is a slow courtship. I’m in no rush. I want a man to demonstrate affection, fun, respect and play over time. It becomes a habit with him to treat me like a Goddess. I’ll appreciate and adore this man for making me so happy! Here is the progress with 3 out of 5 suitors:

I finally agreed to a date with “E,” Quick recap. About a month and a half ago I told him I thought he was coming on too strong. I told him what I was looking for in a date. He has come through beautifully.
“Sexy Scorpio” We had a hot intellectual conversation, fun flirtation and he wanted to know when he could see me. He has a tendency to call last minute and I’m NOT last minute girl. I’m booked up this week and I’m going on vacation next week. I’m doing things on my timetable not HIS. I want a man who respects my life and because of that makes plans ahead of time, not last minute. He sounded disappointed that I wasn’t available. I was too, so I stated something fun for us to do. “I would love to talk to you and flirt with you until we do have time to meet.” I’ve given him the appropriate action and I’ll enjoy whatever he produces.
“Leo” did something inappropriate last week and apologized. I liked what he had to say but wasn’t sure if I wanted to start dating him. I nicely but firmly told him that. Then I offered a solution that would make both of us happy: “I’m giving you three weeks to show me that you’re a person I should be dating.” He’s now happily trying to do that. Why did this work with “Leo?”

1. He was sincerely sorry for being inappropriate. He wasn’t sure if there was a way to make it up to me. His words told me he was searching for one.
2. I agreed with him that he was inappropriate.
3. I stated exactly what I wanted in a man: I wanted to date a man who I could get to know slowly, have fun, laugh, play and explore with.
4. I stated the problem…Because of his inappropriate behavior I wasn’t sure that he was that man.
5. I offered a solution. One where he could take action…over time to prove he was “dateable” to me.
6. I’ve made it his choice. All I have to do now is sit back and enjoy what he wants to do for me.

Men truly want to win with women. They want to be our hero, our “rock star.” It’s up to us to get rid of our anger toward them. (Earlier Blog) Then we can communicate calmly and firmly what we want from them. In this scenario we’re both winners!

With Love, Play and Laughter, Goddess

January 21, 2009

Flirt with Everything…Not Just the Men!

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     During the past few weeks I’ve had men tell me they want to worship me. Make my thighs, lips and breasts tingle…and then make me beg for more.  They want to make me laugh and smile.  Even sing songs for me over the internet from miles away!  How they would love to treat me like the Goddess I am.  Flirting with all these men takes practice.  But it’s so fun!


     Three years ago I thought flirting was degrading.  Something you do with a man to “get something from him.”  So I rarely did.  Then I noticed that when I flirted with my girlfriends or nieces…it felt really good.  You know those cute little exchanges you have with your friends?  “We are so hot tonight….it’s almost not fair!” It’s all about being in that spot where you feel beautiful, sassy and playful.  Have you noticed what a magnet you become?  Your sense of fun is brightening everyone and everything around you.  Your joy is bringing joy.


     So let’s get our flirt on!  This may come naturally to some.  It may take some practice for others.  It’s all cool.  Just take a moment to play and don’t beat yourself up.  In fact, try not to plan.  Just say to yourself, okay…time to flirt.  Look around you.  If your Mom is around, flirt with her.  Your cat?  Flirt with him.  This is going to help you so much with males.


     When you start flirting with men, flirt with all of them.  Not just the ones you think are cute or feel attracted to.  Flirt with the bus driver, the cab driver.  Give them a big ol’ smile when they do their job in your presence.  Thank them with a twinkle in your eye.  Men love to be appreciated and it will make you both feel good.  Play play play!!!!!  Then…when you meet a man you really like, you will probably already have a stable full of men that are worshiping you. Then…and this is most important…you won’t be dependant on that one guy to make you feel good.


Let a guy say beautiful things to you. We ladies love to be admired, don’t we?  Don’t let judgment creep in.  Keep it simple.  Enjoy it and thank them.  Just stay focused on what you want in the dating world.  What I want is a slow, sensual seduction over time with a man.  I state what I want and see if he delivers.  Give him time to make up his mind. 


     Two of the men in my life we’ll call “Scorpio” and “E.”  Scorpio and I have tons of chemistry, he’s smart, gorgeous and treats me like a lady.  So yes…I like him.  “E” is a man I’m not sure I want date.  But it’s not fair to not give him a chance.  Remember Charlotte from Sex and the City?  She married a guy that she thought was perfect.  They divorced. Another man she whined was not her “type” at all.  They married and ended up blissfully happy.  It surprised the hell out of her.  Be open to surprise…open your eyes to new guys!  Play with them, communicate with them and tell them exactly what you want.  Don’t worry about the outcome.  Remember…fear is a future emotion.


Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions!  Love, Goddess.

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