Embrace your Inner Goddess

April 3, 2009

Goddess Rule #1

#1: Love thyself: Every glorious, delicious naughty ounce of you.
Even the parts you don’t like so much.

Today we fall in love with ourselves. The parts we love and hate. It’s so easy to love our favorite things about us. Maybe it’s our successful careers, love of crafts, cooking or inner financial wiz. Maybe we can make anyone laugh.
The harder to love are the parts of us we don’t like so much. Remember my impatience blog from a while back? LOL. But to truly fall in love with ourselves we must fall in love with parts we don’t like so much. I know what your thinking. I DO NOT want to celebrate this part of me, Goddess. I hate my (insert here) and you can’t make me love it. I think it’s cute. And I smile at that. And I’ll make a wager with you. (we can discuss terms) I bet that if you just play a little bit with the thought of loving the not so fun parts…you’ll surprise yourself.
This is the least favorite part of myself: The part of me that erupts in anger, frustration, tears and impatience over sometimes, next to nothing. I’ve celebrated that part of me by giving her a title: “Drama Queen.”
Are you familiar with her? Have you ever had those moments where you really just would love to lose it? We all do. But it isn’t proper in our society for us to lose it. We can’t lose it in the boardroom or really anywhere. So where exactly can we acknowledge this part of ourselves?

1. You can celebrate your Drama Queen here…I’m here for you.
2. She can make an appearance with your friends at the “Worry Party” from yesterday.
3. You can call friends.

How do you deal with Drama Queen when she erupts at an inopportune time? Here’s what I like to do:

1. Whenever I see anything with “Drama Queen” on it I scoop it up.
2. When I’m pissy, I have cute stickers I adorn myself with that say “Drama Queen.”
3. I have a basket of goodies by my desk: perfume, stickers, lotion, chocolate, lip gloss
4. I have cards that friends have sent me.
5. I have music I can play….”I hate myself for Loving you,” Joan Jett. LOL

Assignments for today:

1. List all the things you love about yourself.
2. List all the things you don’t love about yourself.
3. Celebrate what you love and don’t love.

Pick something from your “Love List.” You love your beautiful hair? Admire yourself in the mirror and pamper your hair. Brush or comb it. Admire how it shines and smells. Spray glitter in it. Enjoy it.
Pick something from your “Don’t Love List.” Hate your thighs and butt? Perfect. Admire both in the mirror. Apply your favorite lotion, paint a heart on your butt or apply a sparkly sticker. Extra points if you get your husband or boyfriend to help you!!!
Sending love for every beautiful ounce of you! Love, Goddess


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