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May 28, 2009

A Lesson in Glamour and Seduction




     I love old movies. The glamorous beauties of the era light me up. The playful flirtation and simmering sensuality between the Glamour Goddess and the man of her choice. And I do mean her choice. She chooses the man to seduce. She chooses the man she loves. It’s so fun to see her in action. Wouldn’t it be fun to add a little of her spice, wittiness, sensuality and glamour to our lives? So here we go. Our assignment today is to discover, learn and enjoy a Seductress in action. Watch how she moves, talks, plays and enjoys each man. She even plays with a mans’ resistance to her. She calls men on their BS in a soft, firm and seductive way. She lets him chase her.

     Rent the movie “Gilda,” or watch it on Netflix. It’s full of chemically charged sexuality. The first scene Rita Hayworth appears in is a lesson in flirtation and owning your power. Mr. Munsen introduces Johnny to his wife. Mr. Munsen opens the door to their bedroom and says:

“Gilda…are you decent?” Watch his face. The underlying thought seems to be…God…I hope not. We see a flip of gorgeous soft hair…it’s Gilda. She says:

“Me?” She says it full of play and sensuality.

She sees there is another man. The moment is broken, but she never forgets her power. She slowly pulls the sleeve back over one bare shoulder. Slowly…all eyes on that bare shoulder. The other shoulder stays bare. The shoulder closest to the men.

“Sure, I’m decent.” She’s annoyed…she knows she is being “shown off” by her husband. Is that annoying her, or is it something else? We find out later.

There is a huge flirtation between Johnny and Gilda in that scene. They don’t take their eyes off each other. Gilda says she wants all the employees to approve of her (Johnny is one of Mr. Munsen’s employees) When she finishes that statement, Johnny swallows. Hard. Would he LOVE that approval from her? Study this scene and see the Queen of Seduction in all her glory. Rita Hayworth is the definition of intoxicating sassiness when she tosses her hair back and innocently says “Me?” when the men enter the room. That is a character who knows her power over men. She had men crazy in love with her.

Enjoy! In Love and Seduction, Goddess


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